A heritage of innovation

Df2020 was founded in 2014 by Freddie McMahon and John Rawlings. Both are highly respected professionals with extensive and practical experience of building successful knowledge management, technology and financial services consultancy businesses. Both have a shared vision which is to create leadership in the global knowledge economy and to enable as many people as possible to collaborate and to share valuable know-how without limits or geographical boundaries. Df2020 has been over 10 years in the making and now is the perfect time to introduce this innovative and game changing concept. The unstoppable thirst for knowledge together with the massive adoption of mobile devices, across the globe, irrespective of individual circumstances or location has enabled the launch of Df2020. John is the CEO and Freddie’s role is chief thought leader and evangelist for the firm.


Freddie McMahon

A pioneer in every sense of the word, Freddie is at the forefront of new thinking. His passion is quite simply to empower everyone with fast and efficient access to valuable know-how which will significantly improve the quality of life through the mass dissemination of validated knowledge. He is dedicated to driving through innovation by creating new approaches to decision systems, global information and intelligence solutions, including Human-Powered AI.

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JOHN 019(small)

John Rawlings

John is a respected business leader and entrepreneur, his desire is to create a universal change through Df2020’s disruptive chatbot technology and in particular within the health care sector. With budget constraints and a growing population the need for self-service and know-how is greater than ever. John’s vision is to provide systems which empower learning of new methods, policies and procedures and to ensure that the knowledge is available to anyone who can benefit from it, anywhere in the world.

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