Chatbots – Market Updates 43; week-ending 17th February, 2017

GROWBOT RAISES US1.7m based on a CHATBOT SUBSCRIPTION MODEL  Growbot has raised US$1.7m in 2 rounds from 4 investors: Slack, General Catalyst, Inventus Capital Partners and XSeed Capital. Growbot is a professional support Chatbot that provides a way for employees to give and receive feedback. As it learns the behaviour of an employee it provides personalized Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 42; week-ending 10th February, 2017

DEMISTO RAISES US26m for CHATBOT SPECIALIST N SECURITY  Demisto has secured US$20m Series B funding for their DBot that helps automate security operations centers. Combined with their earlier funding, this takes their total funding to US$26m. DBot is integrated into Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 41; week-ending 3rd February, 2017

LONDON CHATBOT START-UP RAISES US$700,000 Cleo, the London-based Chatbot FinTech startup, was incorporated in November 2015 to help consumers manage their money more effectively. They have now raised a first round of US$700,000 from eight angel investors, one of which Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 40; week-ending 27th January, 2017

PYPESTREAM CHATBOT RAISES US$7.46m  Pypestream provides a Chatbot for customer engagement so businesses can have smarter interactions with their customers. This is an enterprise solution for personalized dialogue. US$7.46m seed capital has been raised in 3 rounds with the latest Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 39; week-ending 20th January, 2017

AI BECOMING A DOMINENT ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY FROM 2017 ONWARDS Rage Frameworks published a report called “Can Artificial Intelligence Deliver for Today’s Enterprise?” based on a survey of business executives. 82% of executives intend to use AI as a competitive differentiator Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 38; week-ending 13th January, 2017

ANOTHER CHATBOT FIRM RAISES SERIES A FUNDING  Kasisto, a provider of Chatbots to banks, announced a $9.2 million Series A funding round led by Propel Venture Partners with participation from MasterCard and Commerce Ventures.  ATTITUDES TOWARDS CHATBOTS START TO EMERGE Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 37; week-ending 6th January, 2017

Think “CONVERSATIONAL EXPERIENCES”, “Conversation First” AND “WISDOM OF CHATBOTS” We are rapidly transcending from Customer Experience to Digital Experience to Conversational Experience. Think “Mobile First, Cloud First” will be relegated as Think “Conversation First” becomes the new mantra for smarter Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 36; week-ending 30th December, 2016

THE RISE AND RISE OF THE CHATBOT MARKET The global market for Chatbots was estimated at US$627.7 million in 2015, according to a report released by Transparency Market Research. They estimate by 2024, the Chatbot market is expected to be Learn more

Chatbots: 2017 Predictions

There is no doubt that 2017 will see a significant growth within the Chatbot market, so here are twelve predictions: Messaging platforms with their Conversational User Interface (CUI) will become the natural and dominant habitat for 3bn humans to co-exist Learn more

Chatbots: 2016 Market Analysis Review

The 30th March 2016, heard Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, announce the Bot Framework, meaning that Chatbots became credible as a mainstream initiative. This was quickly followed by Chatbot announcements from Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook; Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon; Larry Ellison, CTO Oracle; Learn more