Features and Benefits


  • User friendly tool for scripting and publishing chatbots via the cloud
  • Applicable for policies and procedures especially for important rules and regulatory compliance
  • Generates Human Powered Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated capture of dialogue data for audit, compliance, measurement and patterns
  • Multiple chatbots can be dynamically linked to form large knowledge networks
  • Built in features enabling the author to test the conversation experience
  • Orchestrate media in context to the dialogue, i.e. video, pictures
  • Automated updates and notifications so the users always use the latest scripted dialogue
  • For the Windows 10 Azure version it also includes:
    • Df2020 API for customised solutions
    • Group feature for collaboration chatbot development
    • Translation in real-time to 30+ languages using Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite
    • Real-time voice-to-text or text- to-voice using Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite
    • Deployed across multiple channels (Skype, Office 365, Facebook, Apple, Google, Kik, Telegraph etc.) using the Microsoft Bot Framework

Primary benefits for faster and more accurate policy and procedural decisions:

  • Better governance and transparency with customers, employees and suppliers
  • Reduces risk and non-compliance for lower operational costs
  • Control the rising cost of compliance
  • Reduces rework, mistakes and ensures consistency
  • Increases revenues through more engaging personalised choices
  • Lowers the time, costs and risks for adopting new regulations
  • Reduces red-tape costs through faster and more accurate decisions
  • Transforms workflows negating the need for form filling
  • Increases self-sufficiency and self-service inside and outside the organisation
  • Real-time evidence based learnings for accelerated improvements
  • Retains knowledge within the organisation as a measurable
  • Lowers the need and costs for training
  • Provides the means for usability testing

Secondary benefits for third parties:

  • New opportunities for outsourcing policies and procedures as a service
  • More effective means to audit current policies and procedures
  • Digital Transformation of business processes
  • Build new intellectual property and revenues