Df2020 Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is aimed at those that want to engage in authoring and publishing their own Chatbots for Policies and Procedures. There are three elements to the solution involving Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and API Management technologies.

Chatbot Author


Chatbot Author is a Windows 10 App designed for users to create a Chatbot with scripted dialogue in the form of pathways and outcomes in a new type of media called a Df-Map. The author is aided by representing the dialogue using a combination of symbols, narrative and inbuilt checks to ensure ‘connected thinking’. For more advanced users, there are additional levels of functionality that can be added, including the ability for groups to collaborate and link their different Chatbots together. This is particularly useful when each Chatbot represents a different area of knowledge that have links with other areas of expertise.


Chatbot Author uses Azure to store the published Chatbots for access via API Dialogue. This includes the ability for an author or group to give permission to others to access Df-Maps. New versions of the Df-Map are automatically updated once users are online. Software developers can develop solutions by accessing the API Dialogue, which can be combined with Cortana Intelligence for Natural Language, Real-time Language Translation and, Voice-Text and Text-to-Voice conversation. Deployment is via a Conversational User interface (CUI) using the Microsoft Bot Framework across many channels such as Skype, Web Chat, Direct Line REST API (Apple, Google etc.), Email Office 365, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, SMS and Telegram.


There is option to capture and store the dialogue data using API Dialogue Data. This captures every dialogue-step, including its date and time stamp. This dialogue data can be used for audit, compliance, metrics and patterns using Microsoft’s machine-learning. Such capability provides the means for understanding real-time emergent evidence for choices, pathways and outcomes.