Use Cases

See below a handful of standout outcomes which have been derived from Df2020 Chatbots.

If you would like to know more detail click here – to read an in depth case study around how we have digitally transformed the procedures to deal with Child Protection.

Alternatively if you would like to know more about any of these proof of concepts below then please get in touch.

A Child Protection Chatbot collapsed the time to read a 17 page P&P document from 32 minutes to under 90 seconds

A Pharmaceutical ADHD Chatbot advisor enabled doctors to prescribe a drug more accurately and the automated audit trail reduced the time to complete the patient’s record

A Parkinson’s Identification Chatbot to reduce the risk of an inaccurate diagnosis, by providing a picture or video example relating to the various decision options

A Tax Chatbot enabled better self-determination for paying VAT by firms that supply UK digital services in less than 60 seconds

A Cyber Security Chatbot advisor to assess conformance to the new EU Regulation (GDPR) for reporting data breaches within 72 hours